Moscow Biennale for Young Art 5

The Moscow International Biennale for Young Art announced the artist list for this year’s edition, the biennial’s fifth, today. It includes 87 artists from 36 countries, all of whom are in the emerging category. (This show is not to be confused with the Moscow Biennale, which takes place in odd-numbered years. 

Also announced today were two “strategic projects.” One called “Hyperconnected” will be curated by João Laia and will be staged at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art—its focus is an increasingly interconnected culture. The second, titled “Time of Reasonable Doubts,” will be curated by Silvia Franceschini and Valeria Mancinelli, will be held at Russia’s National Centre for Contemporary art, and is about “the status, function and meaning of images in the contemporary world.” Neither project has announced its artist list yet.

This year’s biennial is titled “Deep Inside” and is themed around penetration and “abyssal culture,” according to Nadim Sadim, this edition’s curator. “We are climbing, or falling, ever deeper into a kind of black hole,” Samman writes in a statement about the biennial’s theme. “As we do, it is perhaps to be expected that artists should be fascinated by opacities, by occultations, encryptions, and conspiracies—the other side of the event horizon.”The artist list for the fifth Moscow Biennale for Young Art, which opens on July 1 and runs through August 10